The 5 best unusual hotels in Stockholm

Sometimes it is normal for everyone to want something different and out of the way.

One day you may wake up and for no apparent reason. You want to skip your job and spend the day instead of the cinema. Or, this need for variation can be demonstrated in small, slightly insignificant ways. Such as choosing to order cold milk with whipped cream instead of the usual hot caffeine milk. When starting in the morning with a white mouth or using them instead of the normal black.

Travel and holidays are considered by many to be the final departure from the usual daily routines that we usually manage because we see new attractions. Meet new people and experience new things while on vacation and traveling. However, even on vacation or on the go. You can feel Hummer through reproduction and consistency. You too will feel tired of your holidays and travels if you visit the beach every summer. Rent a hut in the woods every winter or dine at the hotel every Valentine’s day.

Of course, the answer to how to make your holidays and trips more interesting is by injecting some variations and looking for an unusual one. Such a city that can surely give you a unique travel and vacation experience like no other is the capital of Sweden called Stockholm. Take hotels for example. Most are quite similar, a five-star hotel on this street can be quite identical to a hotel in the next block. Here is a list of the five most unusual hotels in Stockholm. That guarantees a pleasant and surprising turn for your holidays and regular trips.

Langholmen Hotel, Stockholm

This unusual first hotel in Stockholm is not for the faint-hearted. Stockholm’s main building, now called the Langholmen Hotel. It was actually built for another purpose before being converted into a hotel. As in a hotel, he once had several “guests”. Although the reason why they are there is not really their decision. They cannot come and go as they would in a normal hotel. Yes, the premises now called Langholmen Hotel in Stockholm were once prisons.

The Olde Crown Prison, which once housed all types of abusers. Now has a more welcoming atmosphere until it has been turned into a hotel. While the thick concrete walls and heavy iron doors are still there, many extra services, a touch of color and an overwhelming sense of history and curiosity have made this former prison a hotel from which you don’t want to escape.

Nordic Sea Hotel

The Nordic Sea Hotel is another hotel in Stockholm. Where pitches can easily attract tourists, travelers, and vacationers. Because it has a large and spectacular aquarium that offers hundreds of colorful fish, plants and other marine life.

And the presence of Absolut IceBar will certainly increase the hotel’s popularity. You may need furs and gloves because of the whole bar. From floor to ceiling and even glasses, is made of ice.

Af Chapman and Skeppsholmen

If you think life at sea is romantic and adventurous. Stay in the Af Chapman and Skeppsholmen hotels in Stockholm. The hostel is really on a boat, or rather the hostel is a boat. The British ship, which operated more than a hundred years ago, is anchored off the Swedish coast and many decades later has been transformed into a hostel, now known as Af Chapman and Skeppsholmen. You will sleep well at night in this Stockholm hotel because the waves of Lake Malaren will vaccinate you to sleep.

Nordic Light Hotel

If the ice bars and the giant aquarium do not hide your curiosity, perhaps the enchanting northern lights. Experience a stunning holiday if you check-in at the Nordic Light hotels in Stockholm because the whole hotel is based on the beauty and charm that the Northern Lights are famous for. You can easily change the atmosphere and color of your hotel room or room by changing the lights of the Nordic Light Hotel. If you feel light, golden yellow lighting can be fine and if you want to add a touch of romance, the soft pink lights are perfect.

Vanadis Hotel & Bad

And finally, there is also the unusual and historic Vanadis Hotell & Bad, which was built from a swimming pool. The spas became popular in the early twentieth and late nineteenth centuries and one of them was transformed into a hotel as the concept slowly lost popularity. The bathroom theme is still on display and can be seen in the beautiful Vanadis Hotell pool area.

Description of Sheraton Hotel by LAX Airport

I have stayed at the Sheraton Hotel near Los Angeles several times.

I arrived early for some trips and they booked me immediately in the room. Normal check-in time is at 3:00 p.m. I arrived before and never before and they still have a room ready for me. If you have ever tried to check into an early hotel, you probably experienced this at the reception, who told you that they still did not have a room ready for you. This is very frustrating, especially if you travel away from home.

The rooms of the Sheraton Hotel are very spacious and clean. They offer leading suites that have a separate sleeping area from where the bed is. If you are thinking of traveling to Los Angeles and staying near the airport, LAX, I recommend that you call ahead and reserve your apartment. It really makes a big difference when you enter your room and there is much more space waiting for you. It feels like you are at home away from home.

No matter what room I stayed in, each room was very clean. I am very demanding when it comes to cleaning, especially in hotels. I don’t like being dirty and nasty. You don’t have to worry about that at the Sheraton.

No matter what I needed at the hotel,

they immediately came to my aid. One day, even due to a conference I attended at the hotel, I even requested a late check-out. They were more than willing to help me, even without charging additional fees. Again, this is not very common in many hotels, especially in major cities. Many of these hotels will charge more if you have to leave late, which can be very expensive.

The hotel is very well located and has excellent restaurants in and around for dinner. The Sheraton staff will do everything possible to make your stay as good as possible. The staff moves very fast and stays on the ball. It’s not like in some hotels where you enter and they don’t greet you immediately. If you look around and enter, you will probably notice that some staff member is walking and doing something very quickly. This is an indication that the hotel is well managed. Be sure to stay at the Sheraton by LAX.

Hotel amenities are important in guest comments

If hospitality is your job, hotel supplies and services may not be particularly exciting for you.

They are tools in their field. However, it is important to remember that hotel guests, as well as guest restaurants or entertainment venues, pay attention to small things. Although many aspects of vacations, night or activity are beyond your control, it is important to be excellent in what is there. For example, it is important to equip a hotel room with the softest towels that the budget can afford and offer its guests high-quality toiletries. If you offer high-quality hotel accessories to your guests, this adds to the ambiance of each hotel room and often increases the customer experience.

Imagine someone trying to find and choose a hotel for a long weekend. You will be asked what services you need. It is likely that the vast majority of people say things like a continental breakfast, a gym and a pool for price and location. A functional ice cube, a sturdy folder with a list of nearby restaurants, churches and shops, and permanent hangers are probably not on your list, but they should be on your list as they leave a negative impression or no impression. When your guests comment on your hotel stay, you just want to leave positive feedback. Whether you notice it or not, the hotel provides the factor.

When a guest enters a room that is not spotless.

With a worn quilt and a thin hanger in the closet. He has the impression that he does not care. If this is true or not irrelevant. What matters is the first impression of a guest and a good one will not help your hotel. Imagine that the same guest enters an impeccable room with beds with nice comforters. That looks like new and sturdy wooden hangers in the closet and free toiletries that are clearly visible in the bathroom. This room shows you how important it is for you. In fact, he practically screams. They say you love your guests and want them to have the best hotel supplies you can afford to give them gifts.

Coffee is a necessity for millions of people in the morning.

If you can enjoy your first cup of coffee with cream and sugar in your room, this is a good start to the day. If after a day of delays your guests had to fly late to the hotel and discovered that they forgot to pack their shampoo and conditioner. They make those things smile in the bathroom. You don’t have to make an effort, it’s just there. Small hotel supplies like coffee and toiletries say “We try to think of everything.” They cause the impression that most people will comment when they leave a review, as many millions do now.

They say the devil is in the details. In the hotel industry, hotel services and supplies are known to be an experience or even just an experience. While you have no control over each part of your guests’ stay, it is important to leave a positive impression where you can. People rate their stay and often talk about details such as room size, guest service and quality of amenities. Even if you don’t always feel that the accessories of the hotel you ordered make a difference, you should be aware of this and the effort will be appreciated.

Observations of visitors to the five-star hotels in Paris

Every year, the romantic city of Paris attracts millions of tourists from all over the world.

Due to its ideal location on the banks of the Seine. Paris is a very pleasant holiday spot for tourists. Paris is known not only for its famous monuments, towers, and museums. But also for its excellent hotel destinations.

The five-star hotels in Paris are one of the reasons why it is considered a tourist spot in the world. The luxury hotels in Paris meet all the standards set by the government for a five-star hotel. They have been shown to provide first-class service and state-of-the-art facilities that guests can enjoy during their stay. Each room is well equipped with luxurious amenities and additional services. Such as 24-hour room service, hotel restaurants that serve different types of dishes to tourists from different countries, a gym, steam rooms and sauna. Business centers and swimming pools covered. and many other additional services that make each stay pleasant and unforgettable.

But despite this type of additional facilities and services offered by the five-star hotels in Paris.

You cannot expect all visitors to be satisfied with the services they receive in terms of the amount they paid. You can not prevent a guest sometimes find out that the services provided to him are not worth it. Spending the night in a 5-star hotel in Paris is expensive, so guests generally expect to get the value of their money. If a guest has trouble entering a particular bar in the hotel, he thinks he is being neglected. However, sometimes this is due to a slight confusion that can be easily resolved.

If you really want to enjoy your stay in Paris. You must choose the best five-star hotels that are within your budget and study the comforts. Services of each hotel to avoid disappointment when you are there. Sometimes, hotel guests assume that, since they made a reservation at a five-star hotel, they will use all the services offered by the hotel. Most of the services and amenities vary according to the room rate paid by the guest. Although it is a five-star hotel, not all facilities are accessible to all customers.

It is important that you always consider making a hotel reservation in advance before booking a flight in order to study different types of hotels, especially if you plan to stay in a five-star hotel in Paris. It may also be useful to read comments based on the account of travelers who have already stayed as guests at the hotel where they plan to stay. When you have an idea of ​​the services and their facilities, you will know what to expect when you arrive at your hotel. In general, the five-star hotels in Paris are the best in the world, so they get such a high rating.

Are luxury hotels expensive in Paris?

Paris is the city that most people want to go to experience the popular romantic atmosphere in this special destination.

There are many things to do in Paris. There are also many picturesque places to visit during your stay in this famous city. Visit museums, experience different cultures and celebrate life to the fullest. Among these things, it is only important that you experience the highlights of what is also famous. Their luxurious world-class hotels in terms of furniture and accessories.

Parisian luxury hotels can be expensive depending on the season of your visit. If you travel in high season, the rooms in these luxury hotels can be quite expensive. But you can still experience the promised comfort. The elegance of Parisian luxury hotels when you visit the city out of season. During this time, room prices may fall significantly, but not the excellent services and amenities. You can even offer discounts and other budget offers that are within your planned budget. The easiest way to find out what time it is to visit Paris. If you are worried about your finances is to visit online travel guides and booking sites to get an idea of ​​room rates during a particular season. In this way, you can enjoy the beauty of the city while staying in one of the famous and luxurious hotels.

You can choose a specific hotel in Paris using online hotel reservation sites and other hotel reviews on the Internet.

Although Parisian luxury hotels are known to be expensive. There are several options to choose from and the booking sites offer general information about the current rates of all the hotels on their lists. This is especially useful, especially if you are traveling for the first time. If you book in advance and know in advance the current room prices. You can budget your finances before traveling. This will give you a general idea of ​​the place you are visiting and the accommodation you expect.

Especially if you want to experience the greatness of the Eiffel Tower and the elegance of the Champs Elysees. It is important that you book a luxury hotel nearby. There are several Parisian luxury hotels in the area, including Athenee Square. That will overwhelm your sense of beauty with its sumptuous interiors. Magnificent views of the famous tower that dominates Montaigne Avenue.

Apart from that, there are also some Parisian hotels that you want to try. Such as Le Bristol Hotel, The Ritz, Meurice Hotel and other famous hotels in the city. These hotels are classified according to their popularity among tourists and other visitors. Ss well as the type of accommodation. Services and other excellent services they can offer their visitors. Most of the time. A stay in a luxury hotel is more than enough to make your visit to Paris an unforgettable experience.

Find cheap hotels for your vacation

you want to go on vacation but have a limited budget and wonders.

Where to find cheap hotels where he can stay at the chosen destination. You can make your vacation a great experience by taking a few simple steps and planning ahead. Here are some tips to make sure you find the best deals on your hotel accommodation.

The first thing you should do is, of course, decide where to go on vacation! This may be a place you’ve been dreaming of for a long time or a destination you’ve only heard of recently. Whatever it is, you should find at least basic information about it, such as B. the languages ​​are spoken if it is not an English-speaking country. Also, learn about local customs so you don’t feel disappointed by small misunderstandings that could result from cultural differences. If you are only visiting another area of ​​your country, you are simply enjoying the scenery

Once you’ve decided where you want to go,

you should take a look at some reviews of hotel accommodations in the area you want to visit. You can also find them on our website! When you read the reviews of hotel accommodation. You see the proportion of good and bad reviews. Sometimes, someone gives a good hotel a bad rating just because it has had a bad day and some small details or interactions have given it a bad rating. This is especially true if there are few bad or bad reviews, so these can be largely ignored. If there are almost as many bad reviews as good, consider carefully if you want to stay at this hotel.

Book early when you find the hotel you want to stay at. This will avoid disappointment and you will get the best discount available. Make sure you have provided all the correct information for you and the information you have provided to the hotel for the reservation when making the reservation. Make sure you have the correct dates and receive the details of your room (s). Be sure to confirm your reservation at the destination for approximately one week and not less than a few days before your arrival.

Use these tips to find the best-discounted hotel for your next vacation.

Luxury accommodation in Italy

There are many glamorous cities to visit in Italy.

It just depends on whether you want an incredible ski vacation, a romantic getaway or a shopping spree. I have prepared a review of three of the most luxurious hotels that Italy has to offer. These are the Cristallo hotel in Cortina, the Cipriani hotel in Venice and the city house 8 in Milan.

Cortina is popular with skiers (especially the rich and famous!). However, it is not necessary to ski to visit Cortina. There are many other things to do, such as drinking cocktails in the bar, eating delicious meals in restaurants and shopping in designer boutiques. To integrate all these things, you will need a place to stay and better than the 5-star hotel Cristallo! This hotel offers first-class facilities, including a restaurant on a terrace with fantastic views of the Ampezzo valley. An indoor pool, and a large jacuzzi. The Cristallo even has its own wine bar called Monkey Club, which features live music, jazz and comedy shows. All rooms are luxurious, with a high-speed Internet connection. Whirlpool and even natural latex antiallergic mattresses. However, the rooms are very expensive with a standard room at 650 euros and a suite with views of 1109 euros per night.

If you prefer to visit the beautiful city of Venice and take a romantic gondola trip on the Grand Canal.

Then the Cipriani hotel is the place to stay. The Cipriani Hotel is a 5-star hotel that offers its guests the highest level of facilities. Including the only heated Olympic pool in the center of Venice, private clay tennis courts and even a private boat that you can use to explore the lagoon! Cipriani also has three restaurants, but the best is Cip’s Club, which serves exquisite cuisine and offers magnificent views of the city. All rooms have fabulous views and rooms with private bathrooms have a private balcony, which is the perfect place for breakfast. Standard rooms cost around 870 EUR per night, while Suite rooms cost from 1,480 EUR per night.

If you want to visit Italy for its fashion, then Milan is the place to go. I would recommend staying at Town House 8, which is located inside the Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery. The Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery is a fabulous architecture that houses a number of high-end designer boutiques, including Prada and Louis Vuitton. All rooms are decorated with modern comforts and elegant elements, giving them a feeling of complete luxury. Room prices start at 880 euros for a patio room and 1,650 euros for a junior suite per night.

If you want to know more about Cortina, Venice, and Milan. There are many other holiday reviews that specify in each city. However, if you want to know more about other places in Italy. There are many other guides that advise you on the best places to eat, the best places to see and where to go to find the best stores.

Nickelodeon Kid’s Suites Hotel

I took my daughter to Disney World in Orlando, Florida, and I was looking for a hotel for children.

Must say that I have never seen a hotel website like Nickelodeon Kid’s Suites. They have a fabulous and fun website that gives you an idea of ​​your hotel.

I booked this hotel on their website and was happy with the AAA discount. Then I paid $ 129.00 per night for a 2 bedroom suite with bunk beds in the child’s room. I traveled the website with my daughter and her friend and I was surprised how huge the Nickelodeon Hotel is. When you drive to the hotel, your children will be excited because the hotel buildings have different Nickelodeon characters painted on their upper walls. The hotel is painted in bright and fun colors that let you know that the hotel is mostly fun.

One thing that pleased me when we arrived was the level of security in the hotel. The hotel is closed by a security gate and the main entrance has a security checkpoint. It was good to know that people cannot simply enter the hotel outside the street. We parked and went to check-in and we are glad to know that we were able to register 1 hour before. The hotel gave me the keys to the bracelet room for me and the 2 children, which was an additional surprise. I hate having to use room scan cards and I always liked having my room key on my wrist. The children had their own wrist keys, which are an option that you can refuse when checking in.

When we got to our room, the children jumped for joy in the beautiful room.

The room was large and spacious, full of color and fun. We chose the SpongeBob room that SpongeBob showed on several walls. The living room had a comfortable sofa with a beautiful flat-screen TV. The child’s room was equipped with a bunk bed, a television and a Sony Playstation. PlayStation is a great way to entertain children in the room. My room had a smaller TV and a wireless keyboard to surf the Internet. The bed was very comfortable to my surprise. I can honestly say that I didn’t expect the rooms at Nickelodeon Kid’s Suites to be so beautiful. The room is 100% child-friendly and your children will never forget to stay in one of these suites.

We headed to the pool that is unlike any other pool in the hotel.

Nickelodeon’s pool looks more like a water park than a pool. They have a giant water pipe, slides, water guns and shallow pools for the enjoyment of their children. The main pool has a giant green cube at the top of the giant water pipe and, occasionally, deposits green mud (water) on the children. You can rent a gazebo tent for the day that comes with a TV. The pool has some bars where adults can relax while children fly through the water pipes. Parents do not let the pools and water scare you, there are many lifeguards on staff to keep the children safe.

The Nickelodeon Kid’s Suites also has a fabulous food court with a good restaurant and several places to take a quick bite. In the same area as the food court is the gallery that was a great success with my daughter. Nearby is the only children’s room where children can get nails, braids, fake tattoos and more. This area also houses the Nickelodeon television studio where you and your children can watch Nickelodeon live TV shows. Their children even have the opportunity to participate in one of their television programs filmed live at the hotel. In front of the television, the studio is the Nickelodeon 4d experience theater where your children can see (4) different 4d animations.

Find Luxury Hotels in London

London offers visitors a great blend of modern culture as well as many historical attractions.

There are a number of upscale luxury hotels located in the tourist and luxury areas in London.

Central London is home to many of the city’s major tourist attractions, including a wealth of luxury shopping areas, pubs, discos, bars, and theaters. Most luxury hotels are targeted in the area, such as the Baglioni Hotel, Berkeley and many others.

The West End is where the largest number of high-end hotels

restaurants, shops, and theaters, as well as the famous Chinese city, are concentrated. The City of London is known to be the historical and financial center of the city, while the South Bank is a lively and artistic area. Central London is also known for its luxury shopping streets like Marylebone, Bond Street, Oxford Street and many more.

Another affluent area is south-west London, with large parks and gardens in cozy suburbs. There are numerous attractions here, as well as a number of first-class luxury hotels, such as the Sheraton Park Tower, the Gallery Hotel and many others.

In Knightsbridge, you can find world-renowned Harvey Nichols and Harrods, as well as numerous specialty shops in Chelsea. Famous attractions in this district include the historic Royal Botanic Gardens, featuring the best collection of plants in the world, the Wimbledon Lawn Museum, the Clapham District community, and many others.

West London also has modern and affluent areas such as Notting Hill and Fulham. Although there are not many luxury hotels here, since West London is primarily a residential area, there are many attractions, great shops, and restaurants here. Luxury hotels here include Draycott located between Chelsea and Knightsbridge.

There are many impressive museums in west London, such as the Natural History Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum. The Portobello route is also a must-see for those looking for antiques. Chiswick, Kensington, and Fulham also stand out for their wide range of restaurants.

North West London also has some luxury hotels such as Landmark London, The Dorset Square Hotel and others. North West London includes the luxurious Hampstead and suburbs of Hampstead Garden, Maida Vale, and St. John’s Wood.

Cheap hotels in Quebec

Quebec is a sophisticated city that has a lot to offer.

It is divided into Upper City (Haute-Ville) and Lower City (Basse-Ville) and is connected by a steep staircase. There are affordable hotels in both parts of the city that are full of different neighborhoods. All you need to do is find cheap hotels in Quebec until you find one that suits your budget and is close to the attractions that interest you most.

The lower town is extremely charming with its cobbled streets of over 400 years and historical sites such as Place Royale. However, rates in Lower Town tend to be higher than rates in Lower Town.

One of Quebec’s most popular tourist attractions is the Citadel. You can find a variety of hotels near Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac, Le Manoir d’Auteuil and Hotel Clarendon.

Hotels in Upper Town offer a variety of options for travelers.

If you want a highly rated hotel with elegant rooms, you can consider Manoir Victoria. Other nice hotels include the Hotel Le Concorde Quebec, Hilton, Delta Hotels by Marriott, Hotel Le Vincent, etc.

When your plane arrives at Jean Lesage International Airport, you probably won’t want to travel too far to find a comfortable room. Fortunately, there are nearby options, such as Super 8, located just 1.6 km from the hotel and offering 24-hour reception and Econo Lodge Airport.

The best time to find cheap hotels in Quebec is during spring and autumn. This is his “shoulder period,” especially between March and May.

Cheap hotels in Quebec – with views

Get a good overview of popular attractions. Such as Battlefields Park and Parliament Building, by staying at a hotel or Inn on Saint-Jean. It is very close to the central business area. Stay in a historic hotel like L’Hôtel du Capitole or book a cheap room in a boutique hotel like Auberge Château des Tourelles.

Depending on the season and market fluctuations. You may want to come with a travel package that includes not only a hotel room but also airfare. Sometimes it is cheaper to combine costs.

Make sure the budget hotels in Quebec you are considering have all the amenities you are looking for. If you are satisfied with your private bathroom, avoid hotels that have shared bathrooms. Take a look at the photos of the rooms and read the comments of the various hotels until you find the one you think you will like.

Visit the online booking sites for more information on cheap hotels in Quebec. Including where they are located and what facilities they offer. Once you have found the ideal hotel, you can book it. You may want to use promotional codes online to help you save on tickets.