Tokyo is one of the largest cities in the world and should be on the itinerary of anyone traveling to Asia.

Tokyo Prince Hotel is a convenient and convenient place to spend a few nights or a longer stay. The combination of location and price makes it the best option.
Address: 3-3-1 Shiba-Koen, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-8560 Japan

Location: Tokyo Prince Hotel is located in Shiba (a district of Minato, Tokyo). The hotel is approximately 2 hours away. From Narita Airport by limousine bus, which costs $ 35 each way.
Equipment: Wide selection of rooms, from standard rooms with one bed to suites. Options include no smoking and the choice of all or no food. An outdoor pool is only open in summer. You will find boutiques and a grocery store with fruit, snacks and alcoholic beverages on site. Standard room rates start at $ 190.


Three of the hotel’s restaurants offer western, Japanese and Chinese menus. The western buffet serves breakfast ($ 25), lunch ($ 32) and dinner ($ 53) every day. Chinese food is available from 11:30 a.m. at 9:30 p.m., and prices range between $ 30 for lunch and $ 78 for dinner.

Pros: the rooms are very spacious and clean. The staff is courteous and helpful. The hotel enjoys an excellent location. There is a good option for dining rooms. The prices are reasonable (for this city).

Cons: The Tokyo Prince is an old hotel, well maintained, but anything but modern or luxurious. While most employees speak acceptable English, communication can sometimes be cumbersome, but this is a common problem in Tokyo.

The Prince of Tokyo enjoys a privileged location right at the foot of the Tokyo Tower, one of Tokyo’s landmarks, and a feature of any city tour. It is surrounded by Shiba Park, in part of which is the Zojoji Shrine. The tower is only a few minutes away and the parks and buildings of the surrounding temples are ideal for pleasant walks.

Tokyo is huge, confusing and expensive.

While the city has a first-class public transportation system, it is recommended that new visitors participate in one of the excellent city tours. The Tokyo Prince Hotel is a collection point for airport transfers and coaches and offers the convenience of being picked up and left directly in the lobby. A full-day tour costs around $ 150 and half a day is $ 60 to $ 80.

Some of these prices seem high, especially for groceries, but keep in mind that this is Tokyo. The four-star hotels located downtown cost more than $ 300 per night, and $ 20 to $ 30 per breakfast are not inappropriate. A taxi from the airport costs more than $ 200 (if you can find a taxi that takes you).

Another thing to remember when visiting Tokyo is that taxi drivers (and most others) do not speak English. The hotels provide a map with the address and instructions in Japanese. Then you just have to give it to the driver. Getting a taxi to go to hotels and restaurants is quite easy since the doorman organizes it and tells the driver where he wants to go. Marking someone on the street can be a problem because they are often reluctant to pick up foreigners (due to the language barrier).

Language can definitely be a problem since very few Japanese speak more than a few words of English. A book with common Japanese sentences is useful. Although most of the street signs and instructions on the subway are in English, anyone who cannot read a kanji will have problems.

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